The Pros And Cons Of Globalization

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Sir, Regarding the claim that “globalization has only brought negative things to modern society”, there has been heated discussion. There are polarizing opinions regardless of which definition of globalization is in question. Either way, such a bold statement should be contested, because something something go back and edit this later this sucks First off, let’s look at the different definitions of globalization. One is defined as the flow of the free flow of capital and trade all over the globe as well as tapping cheaper foreign labor markets, and the other is about international integration with other cultures and people. So you have the economic aspect and the cultural aspect. Personally, I understand where people are coming from when they oppose economical globalization. [edit this paragraph] [topic sentence here] A highly exploitative and a consumer-based economy that benefits the rich and throws the poor under the bus will bring a minimal amount of positive long-term effects to this planet. Resources are lopsidedly drained and distributed to the point where, for example, poor South American farmers have to live in squalor so wealthy North American and Chinese businessmen can import their product and sell it. This is an example of what economic globalization does to the world. The wealthy purveyors of capitalism and the white Western world likes to push the narrative that overpopulation is the reason for the ever-increasing lack of resources. However, the way it is

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