Advantage Of Globalization

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Globalization “The act or process of globalizing, the state of being globalized, especially the development an increasingly integrated global economy marked especially by free trade, free flow of capital, and the tapping of free foreign markets.” This is the definition of globalization that comes up on Merriam-Webster dictionary. When this definition is read, globalization seems like a pretty good thing. There are many reasons why globalization is a very good thing. Globalization not only benefits the economy, but society, and surprisingly the environment. The thing that benefits the most from globalization is the economy. Globalization allows for companies to move some of their workers overseas, or employ new workers. This means workers…show more content…
People from different parts of the world can learn about concepts, ideas, and cultures from other places. Ideas relating to human rights, health, and government have spread and inspired others to make a change. Spread of ideas makes it harder for criminals and their crimes to go unnoticed. Cultures have spread around the world. But like any other aspect of globalization, the spread of ideas has a flipside. Bad ideas can spread as fast as good ideas. For example, when ISIS was at large, videos of them were spread over social media. This lead to people across the country watching these videos and becoming “inspired” and attacks similar to those seen on social media started happening. Of course these attacks can 't be fully blamed on the spread of ideas and social…show more content…
In the 1990s, sea turtles were becoming endangered. The US decided to set a ban on the import of shrimp that was caught without special nets. The nets that were required were made so that only shrimp was caught and not turtles. The WTO overturned this ban in 1998 because they learned that shrimp fishers in Southeast Asian countries couldn’t afford the special nets, so they were continuing to fish without them. Shrimp was high demand, and this predicament made people wonder whether it is possible to balance the economy and the growing population and development.
A similar instance is the globalization of the banana. Bananas were so popular by 1910, there was a huge increase in demand from 1900. The increase caused a large amount to be imported from countries in the Caribbean. This caused the economy to go up, but their environment was greatly impacted in a negative way. Rainforests were cleared away to make room for banana plantations. All of these reasons considered, globalization is greatly benefiting the world more that it is costing. Thanks to globalization, the economy, society, and environment prosper. There are downsides to all of the benefits, but the benefits outweigh all of the negative
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