Gmo Cons

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Genetically Modified Organisms or GMOs are basically organisms that have been altered for the betterment of the consumer. Creations such as man-made insulin, seedless watermelon and iodine-enriched salt are all possible because of genetic engineering. Furthermore, this technology has allowed the creation of larger animals and crops. This allows produce and poultry to be cheaper. Scientists known as Agri-Scientists create GMOs. Although GMOs are made to make a better consumer product, there are many debates on whether GMOs are safe. Countries such as the United States. may have heated debates about whether GMOs are safe for the environment and human health. But many third world countries such as Bangladesh and Zimbabwe can largely…show more content…
It also may affect small farms because they are simply not able to afford such crops and since GMOs are simple to mass produce many large corporations can form monopolies because they are able to afford such large costs. It also may affect the price of the goods because such extra expenses may get carried on to the consumer. Some other negative aspects may include GMOs cause a slight decrease in nutritional value and few have reported allergic reactions to GMOs. “As for the concern of safety, most of the scientific community agrees that there are no real dangers and that most of the despise against GMOs is just stigma” (Touyz, L.Z.G.). Ethics also play a role as to if GMOs are beneficial to society because many consider it to be immoral to alter God's creations. Sadly, many are left uneducated as to what GMO is and what it does to benefit the consumer. Despite the negatives of GMOs there are far too many beneficial advantages that GMOs potentially could bring to the table. GMOs have many positive aspects that can tackle many problems the world is facing right now such as world hunger and human malnourishment. The fact that GMOs allows scientists to create products that are disease resistant and give scientists the ability to infuse them with various nutrients is an amazing feat. Not only that but GMOs can also solve the agricultural problems the world faces today such as soil salinity. Even though there are countless benefits to GMOs few disadvantages exist that can be simply overlooked since they are clearly under-weighed by the various advantages GMOs
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