The Pros And Cons Of Google Making USupid

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There’s been an aging debate on whether or not the internet has made us loose our intelligence. Perhaps the temptation of having hours upon endless hours of web surfing and information at our finger tips has become too much for us. A recent article called “Is Google Making Us Stupid?” Written by Nicholas Carr for the Atlantic has brought this debate into further light, opening it up for other opinions. The thought of Google making us stupid is rather harsh and absurd if looked at from a young teenagers mind. The thought of having to look through books for hours for a single piece of information is tantalizing for someone such as ourselves. Google provides endless opportunities of discovery with the bonus of time saving. Not to mention the countless arms of information outstretched across the world, provided by Google. Teenagers these days are able to easily look up a piece of information with a couple words and click of a button. As they use this to explore the seemingly endless internet, it allows them to become more familiar with the machine and technology. In a world advancing as fast as ours, the faster we adapt, the more likely we are able to advance as well. One won’t get very far in life if they lack…show more content…
Many businesses are now requiring a higher knowledge in technology as to keep up with such a fast paced world. If we refuse to accept that technology has now become part of our life we fail to keep up with the world and are soon left behind in the dust of old books and countless hours of troublesome research. It is now more common to see a teenager helping an older person with their phone/Ipod/computer. Our generation is rising as one of the first to be neck deep in technology. We are able to share information faster, provide higher knowledge to those behind us, and firmly hold the endless possibilities of our bright
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