Government Intervention In Private Affairs Essay

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Government intervention in private affairs is always undesirable. Do you agree?

Lim Tong, Denise
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Government intervention in private affairs can be seen as interference in someone’s private choices or as a safety precaution to prevent citizens from dangerous activities. Intervention can be defined in many different forms. The government has the authority to implement regulatory actions in order to interfere with decisions made by individuals or groups regarding social or economic matters. However, these actions also include those that intervene in private affairs, choices and decisions belonging to the individual or group that is involved in the issue. An
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TSA “backscatter” scanners have captured pictures of citizens naked, major airports are scheduled to install these scanners. The TSA assured Congress and the public that the images would not be stored or shared but they were necessary for “security”. Although these security checks can guarantee that the airport is safe, the security checks cannot guarantee that the images of the public are safe. Police arrested a TSA worker for aggravated battery after he attacked a fellow worker who made fun of his penis size during a test of the airport scanners. The obvious violation of privacy rights highly contradicts the terms, “free country” and “human rights to…show more content…
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