Graffiti Vandalism Research Paper

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Act of vandalism is define as unauthorised acting without the permission of an authorised Government or foreign country in the case of public property. Graffiti is counted as a form of vandalism which perform writing, painting, drawing or defacing premises or on any public and private property. Graffiti not only confronts and resists existing arrangement, but it also reduce the property values and destruct facilities on the local places. The increasing of graffiti vandalism are largely cause by the segregation and control of social space and graffiti writers perceive it as a forms of resisting particular group of legal, political and religious authority (Ferrell, 1995). The penalties in the cases of graffiti may include a three years jail sentences and three to eight strokes of cane, and also carry a fine about £1,000. Graffiti vandalism is a serious crime in Singapore, so the penalties in the cases of graffiti is applicable and fair to neither local residents nor foreigners, they should respect and comply with Singaporean law. Graffiti is defined as serious crime that should be pay attentions from relevant authorities…show more content…
It is not only residents of that country are expected to obey the laws, but is the duty of entire people who either lives, travels or works in that country. There have a moral obligation to obey a particular law because of its moral content such as laws prohibiting vandalism. When travelling to another country, foreigners must be aware of the laws when they have become a part of and are subject to the laws of the host country. It is their duty to obey the laws and customs that had been set by government. If foreigners does not obey the laws set by Singapore government, there will be a lot of crime and resulting in chaos in the
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