The Pros And Cons Of Greenhouse Effects

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Carbon dioxide gas is identified as one of the most important gases that contributed to greenhouse effect. What is greenhouse effect? Greenhouse effect is the trapping of the sun’s heat energy in Earth’s lower atmosphere due to great transparency. It increases the temperature of the earth globally and causing various critical problems such as climate change and melting of polar ice caps. Carbon dioxide is mainly produced by burning of fossil fuel either by cars or factories. Humans need a way to reduce the concentration of CO2 in the atmospheric. By using carbon dioxide as the gas source in enhanced oil recovery, we can reduce CO2 that being is being released to the atmosphere. However, every method has its own respective negative impacts too. Thus, by using carbon dioxide enhanced oil recovery, oil and gas companies can increase the oil production and reduced the emission of carbon dioxide into atmosphere but it will also lead to increase in investment.
According to Bon and Sarma (2004) and Jaramillo,Griffin and Mccoy (2009), CO2 EOR is one of the methods that is being widely used. CO2 flooding enhanced oil recovery has been practiced about 40 years in U.S.A. to increase the production of oil. It is a practicable method to increase oil production. It is a mature technique in increasing oil production. In the past, ethane has been injected in the nearby oil field with success. Since ethane is very similar to CO2, we can use CO2 to replace ethane. CO2 flooding increase the
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