The Pros And Cons Of Greenwashing

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Global warming can be defined as the heating up of the earth’s atmosphere due to greenhouse gases causing the “greenhouse effect” in which gasses like carbon dioxide, nitrious oxide, methan get trapped in the earth’s atmosphere and raises its temperature. Global warming cause a chain of subsequent events disastrous to human life and the environment such as natural calamities, reduction in water reserves, extinction of wildlife, rise in the seal levels and many more. Scientists say that there are two main activities that cause global warming which can be categorized into human activities and industrial activities. Even though human activities up to some level are responsible for global warming it Is the industrial activities that aggravates it. Industries generate greenhouse gases during their production process. The emissions from the industries can be divided into direct emissions and indirect emissions. Direct emissions are those which are cause during the production process and indirect emissions are those which are caused by the burning of fossil fuel to generate electricity. These emissions together increase the amount of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere thereby increasing global warming. For example PPL is a electricity based company in USA which has been contributing to carbon emissions. The company mentions on its website that it does not have any greenhouse reduction norms in place yet and blames it on the lack of coherent regulation. Another example is one
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