The Pros And Cons Of Guest Worker Programs

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itself…causes emotional distress, depression, trauma associated with family separation, and distrust of anyone associate with federal state, and local government, including physicians…” If immigrants didn’t trust physicians, then the logical outcome would be those immigrants getting ill due to the lack of treatment. The American College of Physicians predict that this behavior would be very costly to the healthcare system. The next reason as to why guest worker programs are so effective to combat illegal immigration is because there were other guest worker programs that were successful. The “Seasonal Agricultural Workers Program” between Guatemala and Canada is one fine example of a successful, functional program. Michael Clemens, in his piece for the “Center for Global Development,” explained that between 2003 and 2008, 3313 workers took part in the program between…show more content…
Guest worker’s programs are flawed because imported workers can be exploited by employers. The workers that are brought into the country cannot change jobs as that would break their contracts, making them illegals. The workers that are unfortunate to be working for an employer that would use the guest worker program’s limitations to their advantage would find themselves trapped into an unfair work relationship. With the entrapment of the imported workers, these employers cheat their employees with low wages, cruel treatment, long hours, et cetera. The imported workers would have no choice but to endure their jobs work condition because if they left their position, they’d be branded an illegal immigrant who would be deported for breaking their contract. These workers will then willingly continue to work for the same employers for a wage that they couldn’t earn back home in their country. There is proof that guest worker programs have
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