The Pros And Cons Of Gun Control

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Guns, what do we know about them? Well ever since the 1200-1300s, when they were first invented they have been known to be used for protection or the opposite, crimes. In everyone’s minds this weapon of choice has certainly a negative or positive connotation as to how you look at it. In 2009, it has been confirmed by the Congressional Research Service that there are over 310 million guns used by regular citizens not including the military. Obviously many people don’t feel safe within the government and feel to the need to protect themselves and loved ones. But ever since the growing usage of citizens depending on guns there had been over $510 million used for hospital costs that the taxpayers also have to pay back. In a small fraction of years,…show more content…
You hadn’t expected much, this was just an ordinary day, the only thing keeping you through the day was the fact that Christmas would come along soon. You were excited, because after this day was over winter break would soon begin and you would be able to spend time with friends and family. This day seemed fairly ordinary and nothing suspicious had come to the minds of anyone of this school. Until.. boom, the unexpected happens. a man, Adam Danza, had arrived at the school loaded with llegal guns. He had gone through with no trouble, which led to shooting up the school and the loss of many innocent students and staff members. This was an unexpected place, an elementary school of innocent people. This had unfortunately occurred on December 14, 2012 in Newtown, Connecticut. This event had taken place many years ago but now has influenced many other recent shootings. Also this had caused an uproar in the community as well as the world. This event had not been forgotten and now takes place in history. The only pro of this situation was catching the attention of others to speak up as well as fight to protect their community but still this shouldn’t be such a regular occurrence. Guns are often misused and should be regulated
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