The Pros And Cons Of Gun Control: Armed Teachers

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Gun Control: Armed Teachers

Should teachers be permitted by law to carry a lethal firearm on them in/during school? Well, Let’s look into the logistics of this matter. According to, there have been a total of 17 school shootings just in the year 2018 alone. That rounds out to around a school shooting every two-three weeks. If teachers were, perhaps, armed in these shootings, could the shooters have been stopped, before they even shot their guns. Teachers in schools across America would be better fitted to take down a shooter in action, if these said teachers are armed. Now, let’s dive into three different reasons and sources on why these teachers should, and need to be armed. The average police response time in the United States is ten minutes, according to To people and civilians in distress during a school shooting, these ten minutes could mean more lives taken.
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One of the disadvantages would be the risk ran if a student got hold of a gun that a teacher was supposed to have in a secured spot or location. According to, they say, “ if the teachers keep it somewhere easily accessible, a student could take it and shoot up the school.” This is very true, sometimes kids aren’t as dependable or trustworthy as adults think they are. It only takes one unstable kid to kill tens of hundreds of his/her classmates. Also, according to, they said, “What if children are too scared to go to school, because of guns?” Well, there's no telling how students will truly react to guns at school, until it is tried. But, this point is true. Kids may not feel safe knowing that teachers are armed, and they may feel like one of the teachers has it out for them, or that they do not trust the teachers to have guns around them. This would decrease the amount of children in school and cause a serious loss in learning in children. Finally, let’s
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