The Pros And Cons Of Gun Control Laws

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Mass shootings, people shooting police, other citizens, kids, and harming the innocent, is unfortunately the world we live in today. Many Americans, myself included, wish there was one fell swoop law, rule or act of magic for that matter that would stop all this reckless destruction overnight. The hidden truth is that even if we take guns away, or ban certain items, people will always find ways to harm others. One major item many Americans want to see happen is tighter, and more gun control laws. Personally I believe that some of the laws we have asked for will not help any of our problems, but instead make many legal gun owners become criminals simply because of the weapons they choose for defense, hunting, or sports shooting. The people who wish to see more laws do have some sound logical requests. Due to the blanket type laws that are proposed, many of these views are altered because people have not thought of the aftermath of passing such laws.
One item that has been proposed on many levels of state and federal government is to ban assault type weapons. Many Americans that believe we should do this, have a faded vision of what an assault weapon actually is. Proponents of this describe AR15 as being an assault weapon for a variety of features that the weapon has. Features like the ability to mount silencers, pistol type grips for the shooter to maintain control with, and having detachable magazines. (CQR 237) These are many of the items that describe an AR-15. The name
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