The Pros And Cons Of Gun Control

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"’Make no mistake -- they 're coming for our guns. And we freedom-loving gun lovers are totally defenseless! Other than, you know, the guns’ -Stephen Colbert” (Kurtzman 1). There are as many people who advocate for pro gun laws as the people who are opposed, which is the reason why gun control has become one of the most controversial topics as of right now. America is truly split between those who advocate for gun control and those who are opposed. In this controversial debate, background checks are another point to consider. Background checks are defined as “checks on any private transfers of guns” (West Coast Publishing 11). This similarly debated topic is a large part of the gun control debate. The second amendment argument is a favorite topic for both sides of this argument. It can be used to help aid both sides of the gun control debate. Loopholes are another part of this grand argument, used by the side opposed to gun control, saying that loopholes are impossible to close, while the pro gun control side argues that stricter gun control and background checks make these loopholes not an issue. Both sides can be easily argued, but there is only one side that can save countless lives. Stricter gun control will work to pr otect citizens by limiting gun violence, keeping Second Amendment rights, and closing gun loopholes. Gun control and background checks go hand in hand, as background checks act as an aid to enforce safety. Background checks significantly curb gun
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