Why Guns Should Be Banned In The United States

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Misinformation; it is spread day by day when one person talks to another. A slight error in facts might end up with another person having a completely different meaning on a situation or issue. Stories traveling from people to people end up like a game of telephone, where the final person to hear information might be told something completely different than the initial person telling the story stated. With the invention of the internet, the thoughts of people are able to travel quicker than ever. People are able to find other people with similar viewpoints on politics, religion, and ideology more easily than ever. Guns are one of the greatest examples of misinformation in the United States with the country seemingly divided on whether they…show more content…
Guns were one of the foundations of the United States, and recently the number of school shootings are one the rise, and there is no questioning the statistical analysis of this fact. The likelihood of being in a school where there is a shooting take place is still lower than the likelihood of being killed a car accident. This information can be found by comparing the amount of school shootings to the number of schools in the United States, as well as looking at information provided by the United States Department of Transportation on the likelihood of being involved in a car accident. People like to try to use the fear of something possibly happening as a means of justification for why guns should be banned. This is exemplified by the marches that occurred on March 14th due to fear of another mass shooting happening that is similar to the one that occurred in Florida on February 14th,…show more content…
Disagreement has resulted in there being gun free zones, such as schools, bars, federal buildings, and some sporting events. On the surface, gun free zones seem like a great idea as it is somewhere that people can go and not need to worry about being hurt by guns, but this is not the case. The problem is that criminals do not care about the laws. Criminals will find a way to get or do whatever they are seeking. At one point, I believe the statistic was that almost 99% of mass shootings occur in gun-free zones. This is a staggering statistic and clearly shows that gun free zones are not a valid solution. The criminals do not care what the law states, and so they will go ahead with their planned attack, but the law-abiding citizen who has a concealed carry permit issued to them will not be allowed to have their gun in these areas, and thus are unable to stop any threats that come their direction. Some people have grown up never being exposed to guns and thus only see them as a weapon of destruction and have fear when they hear people lobbying for more places where guns should be allowed. Some people also might have grown up around guns, but are just not fond of them, and that is also okay, but they should still be visualized as a valid measure of safety for the times when Law Enforcement Officers may not be present and a threat needs to be

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