The Pros And Cons Of Gun Laws

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America, the land of the free and “white picket” fences may seem like it is a fair and perfect society on the outside, but as a person digs deeper they start to discover things that they did not know before and it changes their perspective for the red, white and blue forever. One of the most heated arguments in America is the statistics on the payroll for men and women and how people stereotype gender in the workplace. Another, sensitive and heated debate is on immigrants and how sometimes they come into the country and hurt America and take jobs and benefits from native people. Finally, the controversy that 's been going on for decades which is gun laws and how guns only lead to heartbreak and how there needs to be an reform. America is not a perfect society because of gender discrimination in the workplace, Immigration and benefits they receive, and too loose of Gun laws and regulations. Gender discrimination is a big issue in America especially in the workplace, but we must understand the facts before we jump in with opinions because sometimes the payroll statistics are taken out of context. Jeff Guo of the Washington posts saids that “statistics on the gender pay gap tend to be deployed in misleading ways. Take into account the gender differences in education and career choices, among other things.” Like previously stated when looking at the statistics a person must put it into context which in the case is Education and Career choices. Guo also explains this by saying
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