The Pros And Cons Of Gun Violence

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As a nation, we need to unite as a whole with some common sense and help implement laws to lower gun violence. There are many reasons why the government needs to change existing laws. For instance, it is unhealthy for young children and teens to have access to these guns within arms reach. Furthermore, background checks will have a huge part in this process of reducing gun violence. Such as, reducing the amount of people who have access to guns who shouldn’t. Lastly, the rates of gun violence will go down significantly in the United States. Therefore, gun violence laws need to be implemented in order to have a safe and healthy society. The government needs to be more careful about who they give guns to because it is very dangerous to give unauthorized guns to random people. According to, “Counterpoint: Gun Control Saves Lives”, “Experts estimate that about one-third of all American households contain firearms, and that the total number of guns in circulation is at least 240 million.” This shows that the government may be too careless about who has a gun, and as a result, people are more vulnerable than ever. The article, “More gun control laws would reduce gun deaths”, describes the words of David Frum, Daily Beast and CNN contributor, “‘American children under age 15 were nine times more likely to die of a gun accident than children in other advanced wealthy countries…’”. This shows how dangerous it is for children to even live in the United States because of these
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