The Pros And Cons Of Hacktivism

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Hacktivism The world is full of brilliant minds. Because of people’s fascination in discovering new things and ideas, technology is given birth. From then one, the ways of humanity has changed. One of the results brought about by technology is the existence of computers. Computers are now regarded as a necessity because of its various functions. For one, it makes the lives of the students easier because computers are used in making education more interesting. Also, offices use computers to store important documents and information with regard their day to day affairs. This is true in the works of government agencies and instrumentalities too. However, the more that technology has become advanced, hacktivists have also found means in breaking into the computer system of other people. Though it can be considered that hacktivists have noble intentions because they hack computer systems for political and social reasons, it cannot be denied that at certain instances, the right to privacy of the people is violated. Thus, hacking becomes unethical depending on the circumstances. For the purposes of this paper, hacktivism will be discussed, when it becomes ethical and unethical, its main problem, and its political impact. What Hacktivism Is According to Trend Micro (2015), there are two types of hackers: the first one break into computer systems to point out flaws in the security and the second one do hacking for a certain cause. The second type of hacktivist is considered as
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