The Pros And Cons Of Hallucinogens

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Prior to doing the readings and watching the in-class videos, my general stance on hallucinogens was that they should definitely be legally prohibited. My stance on this issue was formed out of my own perceptions on what I thought of them and not really based on any real reasonable information on the subject. However, after the readings and watching the videos I find myself more educated on the subject, I now find myself questioning my previous position. My understanding of what I thought of hallucinogens was based on highly subjective views, on being stereotypical, and like the Spanish, I viewed them as evil drugs in way. However, now that I’ve been exposed to the religious and exploratory side I find myself with mix feeling and on board with both views. I can no longer solely base my opinion knowing my viewpoints and facts that were misleading. So, considering all the new information I have…show more content…
Thus, having the possibility of having unforeseen societal consequences, like it did S.F. I’m also not to keen on some of the side effects associated, such as, panic attacks, flashbacks, or the possibility of putting his/her person’s or of another in danger due to a bad trip. So consequently, I find myself on both sides of the issue. I find myself asking more questions than taking a concrete stance on whether people should be able to consume plant based hallucinogens at the moment. Furthermore, when it comes to the scientific exploration and clinical research of hallucinogens such as DMT, I do believe it should definitely be furthered studied. I believe that there is still much to learn and much to understand. I think it is important to try and understand its possible use for treating medical conditions. So, because of just alone, I wouldn 't consider it a waste of money or
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