The Pros And Cons Of Harry Potter And The Philosopher's Stone

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Harry Potter and the Philosopher 's Stone is the first novel of the seven volumes of Harry Potter fantasy series, both in chronological terms and in order of publication. This series of novels was authored by the English author Joanne Kathleen Rowling. This great literature work, as many others have done, provides us with deeper insights into the world we live in (Czubek and Greenwald 442). This means that part of one`s life seems to be based on fantasy and even myths. In fact, this is dependent on one`s culture and knowledge. Harry Potter is one of those fantasy tales that might not be different a lot from other tales in literature, even though it is associated or immersed with magic and sorcery. Some people especially those of different religions do not welcome Harry Potter, because of being a wizard and associated with witchcraft and sorcery, even though literature is full with such fantasy tales. However, and in spite of its fame and success, Harry Potter and the Philosopher 's Stone, along with the other titles in the Harry Potter series, have been criticized by religious people, mainly Eastern and Western. For example, the whole series was banned in certain countries such as some Arab countries, and in schools such as in the United States of America(Remke, p: 47). This was due to the accusations of promoting witchcraft, even though some Western critics argued that the series exemplifies some important concepts that are valued by Western doctrine such as
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