The Pros And Cons Of Hazing

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News nowadays portrays a negative vibe because of all the tragic incidents happening. A sophomore student of the DLS-CSB suffers death due to beating received by the Tau Gamma fraternity. Another sophomore student, this time from the Maritime Academy of Asia and the Pacific, dies due to hazing (Diola). Similar words that can be found in many newspapers and articles are all familiar. Stories about hazing casualties are frequently encountered and it is bothersome because the tragedies could be prevented. Fraternities take initiation to a next level, a level in which the applicant can no longer withstand the trials given to him. But is hazing just all about violence, power and self-interest? What is known about hazing and its intended purpose?…show more content…
This view is very unlike the first because it stresses the fact that hazing is purely negative and can result in no positive outcome. Most would define hazing as any deed or scene, regardless of the permission of the victims, which dangerously jeopardizes the overall health or security of the person (“What is Hazing”). “It includes physical injury, assault or battery, kidnapping or imprisonment, intentionally placing at risk of mental or emotional harm (putting “over the edge”), degradation [and] humiliation” (“What is Hazing”). Many deaths within fraternities have been linked to hazing. One such instance would be the recent death of an 18-year-old sophomore student of De La Salle College of St. Benilde due to the hazing he experienced from the Tau Gamma Fraternity. The victim, identified as Guillo Cesar Servando, was not alone in his plight. He was hazed along with three other schoolmates, although Guillo proved to be the most unfortunate. Reports say that the students were drunk and severely beaten as they were dropped off in a condominium along Taft Avenue at around 9:30 pm, June 28. By 11 pm, the ambulance was called but their efforts were in vain because Guillo was pronounced dead on the spot (Lacierda).This incident serves as a reminder and warning to those who are currently part of a fraternity and those who will join one in the
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