Electronic Health Record (EHR)

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Nowadays, many people in the U.S. are hopeful for the ability of information technology concerning health, or health IT. Hospitals are expected to narrow medical flaws. For instance, in orders and administration of the wrong dose of medication. It is also caterers’ yearning to have access and be able to share information of patients without difficulty, and so with care improvement. Furthermore, businesses and governments expect to save an amount by efficiency development. Based from RAND Corporation researchers, complete IT systems in health implementation has the ability to provide effective savings as much as $77 billion each year after the adoption period of 15years.

However, for different matters, most providers of health care do not have
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Though some health informatics experts differentiates between EHRs and EMRs, these terms are often used in the media interchangeably. Efforts are evidently going ahead to develop consensus definitions for these terms and others. For convenience, the term" electronic health record," or "EHR" is used to define the term as systems that collect and store patients' medical information in digital form. An EHR is different from a personal health record (PHR), which is a health record owned and maintained by an individual patient, rather than by payers or…show more content…
Initially, health IT systems should be able to use the same spoken language; in computer terms, they must be "interoperable." These systems must also be combined in some other approaches. National network structured model called "connectivity", is around networks in regions, or health information exchanges (HIEs). Health information exchanges allow to have digital exchange of clinical information among different groups within a region or a community. Health information exchanges are run by Regional health information organizations (RHIOs) . Considering technical matters and beyond, there is a cost issue. Often, Health IT systems carry hefty price tags. It was found from a recent study that initial costs of EHR is about $44,000 for each provider working full time , plus an additional $8,500 for small group practices in annual operating costs. It must be the policymakers’ decision as to who should pay for the

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