Disadvantages Of Heart Failure

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Heart is at the center of the circulatory system as it continuously pumps blood through various organs of the body, which in turn provides the much needed oxygen to keep them functioning well. The size of the heart is usually the same as the size as one’s fist. This mechanical organ has 4 chambers and is supplied by a complex array of blood vessels that bring blood to and from the heart. Heart failure is a term to describe the condition where the heart cannot do it’s work or does not manage its workload properly.

Heart 's a muscle and heart failure leads to the weakening or deformation of that muscle, making it unable to supply enough blood. (according to mayoclinic.org) This leads to fatigue and breathlessness, making everyday activities
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(according to heartfailurematters.org) These include, left sided heart failure, right sided heart failure and congestive heart failure. The following conditions can damage and weaken the heart and can cause heart failure - these include past heart attacks, coronary artery disease, high blood pressure, heart valve disease, heart muscle disease, congenital heart defects, triple vessel disease, aortic stenosis, lung conditions and alcohol and drug…show more content…
However there are disadvantages to having a heart replacement done. Early complications include, internal bleeding and rejection of the donor heart. Late complications include infections of other organs including the heart, high blood pressure, rejection of the transplanted organ, tumors and

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