Herbal Plants

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Introduction Nothing is permanent in this world anything may happen or can be happen in just one second. That’s why we must value the things that we have while we have it. But, what if the things that we need will be lost. Is there a thing that can be replace for it? Or anything alternative?. I would like to compare this paper to that situation. We know nowadays that different diseases are spreading in our town. Due to climate change and harmful use of chemicals. But we can’t just blame the nature regarding about that sometimes it’s because of people’s action. Eventhough, nature give us minimal bad effects they can also bring benefits to us. Like in treating different sickness. Most people used chemicals…show more content…
Because it has the ability to synthesize different chemical compounds that are used for biological functions and to attack from predators like insects, fungi and herbivorous animal. Conventional drugs and herbal plants have their similarities also. The chemical compound inside of both medicines rapidly affect in the human body and it terms of their work they don’t differ also. Herbal plants or medicinal plants that can be used as natural medicines. It was found that herbal medicines are can be useful in medicine by three ways. It can be used directly or the extracted forms for their natural chemical constituents. Another one, they can serve as agents in the process of producing drugs. And last one, the organic content of the natural plant can serve as the model of medicine. That’s why herbs is one of the most efficient alternatives that can be used. Because it comes from the organic material and it has it natural effect to human body which is good to our health. There are so many different kind of herbal plants in the world, they have their differences and own uses but one of the popular herbs here in our country maybe, is…show more content…
The content of this paper wants to build up to people’s mind the importance of herbal plants to their health and to community. By means of this paper, it helps the people to be more aware about the different sickness that they can get and the sickness that oregano can cure. This paper will focus on the positive effect of the oregano not only in human but also in the animals. This paper wants also to educate the readers and to give them more knowledge about the subject. And the aim of this paper is to promote and value the herbal plants like oregano because nowadays people forget and took for granted the things in nature and sometimes the reason of destruction of nature because of people’s action. And lastly, people who read this must learn how to look at the things at the surroundings first that are useful and value those things you have in your hands rather than finding on the things that we don’t

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