High School Education Essay

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Once most children turn three, their parents send them away to preschool for one to two years to prepare them for kindergarten. Once there, they prepare the children for elementary school. Then spend five years in an elementary school, where the teachers are telling you that they are preparing you for middle school. As soon as you reach middle school, you spend your 6th, 7th, and 8th grade years preparing for high school. Now you are in high school, the last of the mandatory government education system. High school, at one point in time, was the most education that most people received before obtaining a carrier in the real world. In today’s day in age, having a high school education is similar to what a middle school education once was. Yes,…show more content…
Think way back, many years ago, before high school, middle school, and elementary. Think back even farther than kindergarten and preschool. Parents are the one teachers that make the biggest impact upon children. They taught you to talk, to walk, and how to act. They taught you manners, courtesy, and chivalry. Your parents shaped you into the person you are today and set steps for the person you are going to become. Every step of the way, your parents have helped you along. Everyone who is older than me says I look and act like my father. When he encounters old friends while out and about, they always say how much I remind them of how my father was at my age. As Harry Chapin said it perfectly in his song “Cats in the Cradle”, ”He'd say, I'm gonna be like you, dad / You know I'm gonna be like you … He'd grown up just like me / My boy was just like me”(6-50). I'm not certain about other parents, but I know mine parented me based upon their own values and morals. The people that help and teach you the most in life are your parents, and they have done the best to prepare me for college. Every day since the beginning of summer both of my parents kept on saying that I need to be looking at colleges and start applying. Every day they were on top of me about filling out the FAFSA, applications, and taking virtual tours of the colleges. As my junior year came to a close, my mother convinced me to take an AP class to challenge myself and mentally
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