Advantages And Disadvantages Of Buying Home

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The following are not your usual home buying tips. For example, almost everyone will tell you that you should buy a home, but the first tip below suggests an alternative.

Consider Renting

This is all about time and place and your own situation. Are you going to be in one place for long? If you are likely to move within a few years, you may be better off renting. Transaction costs of buying and selling will likely eat up any equity gains you get. It may seem profitable to buy at $200,000 and sell at $220,000 two years later, but commissions, closing costs and loan costs can easily add up to $20,000, so where is the gain? Also, there is no guarantee that prices will rise, and if they don't you suffer a real loss.

Also, it is a matter of the ratio between rental
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Had you bought there two years ago, you would have paid $650 per month extra to be a home owner, or $15,600 over these last two years. In addition, the house would probably be worth a little less now than when you bought it. Better to have banked that $15,600 and bought the home today.

Other Home Buying Tips

Compare ALL costs when you look at various homes. It is easy to consider just the price of a home, or what that means in terms of a mortgage payment. However, there are other costs. If the home is in a flood zone, for example, insurance could be $200 per month higher than for other homes. Look at taxes, insurance, utility costs (big homes cost more to heat) and any other regular costs, so you can honestly compare houses according to what they will cost you monthly.

Go to online forums to learn about a new town. Many people like to talk about where they live. They get to do this in various online forums, which you can search for by entering the name of the town and "forum" into any search engine. Be aware that these are often places where locals complain about their town, but you can also find interesting and useful information, and ask
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