The Pros And Cons Of Home Schooling

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The plus and the minus points of Home schooling
Choosing the best school for the children is one of the most difficult tasks for the parents. To give a good and well mannered child to the society is depend upon the school he or she attends. Even though the home is the first place of a child which can learn the life, the school education helps to bring out a child an educated one with practical skills and variety of experiences in life.
However, because of the present school society is corrupted, most of the parents are in a stressed mode. So as an answer, a new fact is coming forward through the parents and the education called Home Schooling.
What is “Home schooling” ?
It’s a new way of giving education to the children. This new education
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Even the practical activities, field trips, and all other activities in a proper method and with the same syllabuses in the schools. This home education system was started in North America, Europe and in many commonwealth countries. And till they practice it in a large scale and even in many countries around the world are using this a s a new way of educating children.
Legal requirements for homeschooling in the U.S. vary from place to place. Some states have few or no requirements; others ask for portfolio reviews or standardized testing at certain intervals.
In legal facts, some countries have given the requirements and some have not. So the portfolios and standard tests are asked from these centers to make the students qualified.
However, the we cannot say that this is totally successful or it is not as it contains with many plus and minus points.
The beauty of home schooling is the parents can be relaxed by seeing the child is having a secured environment and for the child, he doesn’t feel alone or afraid because when he knows that the parents are around.
And as some other ups in this fact
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• This is a very good solution for the financial difficulties of parents as well.

But when it comes to the minus points of home education,
• The child will never learn to move with the world society.

• After graduating, the students will have a hard time to cope with another group as he has never experienced team work.

• After awhile, when he get to know the society, he may chose the extreme ways to cling with it and it is more dangerous than letting him studying in a normal school.

• When he gets to know the society, he will get frustrated with the parents as he see that he is not a part of the world.

• The child may get bullied more than it could be at schools, as the society always criticize the other, and he won’t be able to handle it.

• The child will be really backward as he doesn’t know how to express the self in front of a crowd.

• The behavior and the character may change and alone grew up children will be very selfish and they may feel very confused and will be rejecting the society

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