The Pros And Cons Of Homosexuality

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What is homosexuality?

Homosexuality is a term designated to describe the tendency to direct sexual desire toward another of the same sex. (Merriam Webster Dictionary).

Is homosexuality normal? One of the main arguments that oppose to homosexuality is the fact that it goes against biology itself, for the two genders emerge in order to increase the species’ chance of survival by increasing the biotic potential. The biotic potential the ability of a population of living species to increase under ideal environmental conditions. An organism’s rate of reproduction and the size of each litter are the primary determining factors for biotic potential. (Corwin, 2015)

But does it never occur in nature? More than 1,500 different animal species, including chimpanzees, dolphins and apes engage in homosexual and bisexual acts. In fact, Petter Boeckman said that homosexuality has been documented in diverse animals ranging from mammals to worms. Also, he states that there are species that only engage in homosexual sex occasionally; whilst other species - such as the dwarf chimpanzee – practice homosexuality throughout their entire lives. (Jackson, 2013) (Petter Boeckman, 2013).

Religious view toward homosexuality.

Mexicans’ religious ideology is clearly defined, sometimes, since childhood from our parents’ teachings. The majority of the Mexicans who are affiliated with a religion are Catholics and other Christian religions that constitute the 90.7 percent of the national population.
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