The Pros And Cons Of Honor Code

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An honor code or honor system is a set of rules or principles governing a community based on a set of rules or ideals that define what constitutes honorable behavior within that community. An honor code implements a set code that specifies certain rules in their school. An honor code doesn’t benefit students trust in their school system. An honor code can end up making students engage in mistrust, create misuse of the code, and can cause students to be at odds with each other.
When students are forced to commit to an honor code, every student isn’t going to be 100% honest. Usually students don’t want to be the person to tell on the people who do wrong, or there’s students who won’t admit to their fault’s even when their caught. Trust is now compromised and no one’s safe. Students and staff members can only trust themselves when an honor code is implemented. Mistrust is a major problem now and the honor code is now a simple law that isn’t followed.
Whenever rules are made, there’s always a way around them. Rules and codes have to be followed but at the same time their flawed. Students and staff members over time learn to get around certain things that can get them in trouble. Without actually breaking the honor code, individuals are able to manipulate it after getting a good sense of the …show more content…

With an honor code you’re forced to tell the truth at all times or your enrollment will be suspended or terminated. You can’t offer or ask for help for school work within the school’s codes. Students will lie continuously to keep others from getting thrown under the bus and blame others who were innocent. Honor systems are for schools that lack trust and security of education in their school. I feel as though Fairmont Heights is perfectly fine without one and it should continue to stay like that. Honor code’s only compromise trust and build aggressive competitiveness between

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