The Pros And Cons Of Housework

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In this materialistic age, it is very common that both parents go to work. According to the statistics showed, “the proportion of mothers who were employed increased from 55% in 1991, to 56% in 1996, 59% in 2001, 63% in 2006 and 65% in 2011.” (Baxter) Once, after parents come back home after work, they find the house in a chaos, then they will start to complain that their children do not help them to do housework. Although childhood should be a period of relative freedom, but the parents should teach children from an early age to learn to do housework because there are many advantages that children can learn from housework. Nevertheless, there are some pros and cons when children help with household tasks since they are young, but I believe that the pros are more than the cons.…show more content…
Parents will always think that children will make things messy and they need to spend more time to re-do the task, follow up what their children had done as compared to they do the work themselves. Despite, for the short term, it does affect the parents to follow up. However, for the long term, saying, once the children know the correct approach to do household, it does help to reduce the heavy burden on parents to do the housework.

In addition, children are students too, their first priority should put on the study. Moreover, children nowadays are busy with tuition after school because their parents want their kids not only be the best but also lead the rest in the academic side. Based on a survey conducted in Singapore, 67% parents have helped their kids enrolled for tuition for the kids in pre-school and the money spent on tuition in 10 years time reached SGD820 million in 2008 (Choo). Hence, children may find insufficient time to finish their homework due to too many household tasks is waiting them to

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