Housing In Dhaka Essay

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This provision includes both formal and informal housing. Few landowners construct housing following all the rules and regulations. These are considered as formal housing. While a significant number of individuals construct their housing violating building codes and planning regulations. These are considered as informal housing. Building regulations are often violated due to the lack of proper enforcement of planning controls and monitoring by concerned authorities.
The individual landowners, who have contributed to existing housing stock, are categorized here to figure out who are actually able to construct houses in Dhaka. The first and the prime contributors are the permanent citizens of Dhaka who inherited lands from ancestors. The households,
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people tp build their own houses. On the other hand housing market consists of both sale or rent of housing. Different types of supplier and procedure are engaged in both housing and land market.
The public sector.

In public sector, there are several agencies are involved in developing and supply both land and housing. The agencies are Rajdhani unnayan kortipokkho (RAJUK), the National Housing Authority (NHA), Public Works Department(PWD) of the Ministry of Housing and Public Works and House building and Finance Corporation (HBFC) . PWD was established in 1854 but the contribution of public sector both in land supply and housing provision started after the end of British colonial period in 1947. During this period land development project has been taken to provide residential plots to the general people and also for Muslim refugees those who migrate from India to Dhaka (3). Before 1947, housing provisions was only available for high government officials like Ministers and Secretary but after 1950 it started to provide housing for all level of public servants. Only 10% of the total public service holders in Dhaka accommodated with a housing according to PWD official
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