The Pros And Cons Of Hoverboards

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Hoverboards were the hottest toys of yesteryear. Whether you love them, or just hate them, they are here to stay, and will continue to be a bestseller at least for 2016.

Kids love them, celebrities can’t live without them and they are otherwise great transportation vehicles fit for everyone of every age.

Up until recently, the Internet started buzzing with shocking reports of Hoverboards catching fire.

Major online outlets like Amazon started emailing their customers instructing them on how to use their hoverboard – or worst, asking them to discard it in return for a full refund. They also temporarily removed their Hoverboard inventory from their store as a precautionary measure.

So what is making this uber toy catch fire?

Experts seem to have boiled it down. The gist of the problem was apparently the lithium batteries catching fire. Now, under normal circumstances, this rarely happens, to genuine Hoverboards made by reputable manufacturers. But evidence shows that the mobility vehicles catching fire used cheaper, imitation parts in its charger, circuitry and batteries. Almost 100% of hoverboards
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- Is the name spelt correctly?

You will often find fake hoverboards, usually those coming from China have the name intentionally misspelled. For example, a popular Hoverboard brand like Swegway will have an imitation called Smagway. This is done intentionally for legal reasons, but it is a dead-giveaway that it is an imitation and, therefore, must be avoided. They can be an exact replica of the original, and hard to tell by just looking at them. But inside, they use inferior materials.

- Are they too cheap?

Hoverboards are not the cheapest of gizmos. They are in fact very pricey. A good hoverboard will cost you, at least, $300 with shipping if you are buying online. As with anything else, if it looks too good to be true, it probably

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