The Pros And Cons Of Hugo Chavez

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Social mission and their success laid a good foundation, but is necessary to ensure that their effects fully reflected in the economy, particularly in that part of the non-oil sector. There is a tangible lack of investment. It is necessary to increase the capacity of the economy (watch the efficiency of public investments, reduce bureaucracy and corruption). Is possible to consider Chavez as successful? He managed to grasp the real power because they upset the traditional political party system, lambasted liberalism and capitalism as such and turned the masses against corrupt political parties. His style of governance can be characterized as neopopulismus, which is involved in the democratic game, but a leader in election relies on his charisma…show more content…
Among the positives we can include that from 1999 to 2012, 70% public spending went in education and health care. Before the Bolivarian Revolution were 18 doctors per 10 thousand. Today the population is about 59 to 10 thousand inhabitants and thus significantly reduce child mortality. Chavez was built around 7000 health care clinics across the country. Among the negatives certainly the enormous crime, the level is very high in regional and global scale. The number of murders since the onset of Hugo Chavez doubled to about 45 murders per 1,000…show more content…
Dahl introduced the term - polyarchy, meaning the government of many, power is embedded in multiple people. This type Dahl defines as a regime in which: 1. Control over government decisions is constitutionally vested in elected representatives. 2. Elected representatives are chosen in free, fair and regular elections. 3. Adults have the right to vote. 4. Adults have the right to run for elected positions. 5. Citizens have the right to freely express its ideas towards political matters. 6. Alternative sources are ensured. 7. Each has the right to establish parties, political groups and other associations independent of the
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