Human Cloning Cons

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If you had the choice to start a new life in the same body when you are about to die, would you want to? Well, many people want the possibility to make this choice and is one of the reasons why they are in favor of human cloning. Even though it is tempting to say yes, think about the potential dangerous outcomes and the steps it took to be able to make this choice before supporting the cloning of humans. Human reproductive/therapeutic cloning should be banned everywhere because it disrespects human dignity, there are other alternatives, and most importantly, the low probability of success can lead to endangered potential human life.
Human Dignity can be defined as, “...the special elevation of the human species, the special potentiality associated
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According to the National Human Genome Research Institute, scientists use therapeutic cloning to create stem cells with the same DNA by harvesting embryonic cells in their early development, ( Cloning Fact Sheet, 2017 ). As a result, cloned embryos in the test tubes are destroyed. Though therapeutic cloning can offer benefits to human health, gene(or DNA) cloning is a more efficient and preserved route to go. This is because gene cloning proposes close to the same benefits, and does not need the practice of cloning human embryos. DNA cloning can copy stem cells instead of extracting them from human embryos. These stem cells can be used to, “...produce pharmaceutical drugs, insulin, clotting factors, human growth hormone, and industrial enzymes,” and these are the similar principles to therapeutic cloning in a much more conservative way, (Encyclopedia, 2018 ). Furthermore, therapeutic stem cell research requires an excessive amount of specific eggs and funding. If this is still legal, there 's a possibility that women will be sucked into the embryo business involuntarily which will be a substandard concern for the economy. Not only does therapeutic cloning exterminate embryos, it involves extensive amounts of money, and requires an abundance of female eggs. Is this the route we really want to take…show more content…
The human race will keep on evolving as time goes on, we will get smarter and continue to develop advanced technology to better our health. As these improvements take place, scientists will try to successfully clone a human being, assuming that it is legalized. Before this ever happens, our nation needs to think about the eventual consequences and do what is
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