Persuasive Essay On Human Cloning

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Human cloning is one of the newest topics that is changing the world because of how wasteful, harmful they are.The human clone will cause many issues that would waste supplies, and hurt humans.The first idea of a clone was brought up in 1866 when Gregor mendel discovers genetics and how it multiplies, which he later discovered would cause harm to people in the future.This harm is coming now now and this is why human cloning needs to be eliminated because, it affects everyday people, our resources, like medicine. Also human clone would keep expanding causing a total outburst.

The first time people realized cloning was possibly was in 1866 according to cloning historical timeline, but ever since then the idea has gotten much bigger. human cloning is an identical copy of
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This would be a lot of work to get a bill passed but it is well worth the outcome. NPR stated, all ready 30 countries already banned human cloning, there are 196 countries in the world today, if we all join together and start protesting, human cloning will be shootdown. This solution will work because, the government has to listen to us, if we get enough supporters we would be able to stop human cloning forever. How I know this would work is because the fight for women 's suffrage stated, on election day 1920 many women protested trying to get there right to vote, but it didn 't come that day but after a bit, people started to listen.. All we have to do is stand up and speak out, to end human…show more content…
What this would do is kind of scare the humans of human cloning. For example in the documentary food INC many people after that movie were grossed out and were scared to eat meat. So if we show human cloning in public many people would disagree causing human cloning to be gone

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