The Pros And Cons Of Human Creation

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Human creation, is a hugely debate to a confusing topic and have no real solid explanation. Because of being controversy of this topic here are some theories, topics, or story of explanation on how people believe on where we or humans are created. This research paper helps us to answer the questions comes in our mind.
The “creation of man from clay” is a theme that is being happened or appears in throughout world religions and mythologies.
Let’s start with the most wide expect theory. Me as a roman catholic I truly believe that our God created us, because according to the book of Genesis, in the beginning, God created the heavens and earth. This statement summarizes the scenario or drama when God created the universe and that is being to unfold. He created the universe into seven (7) days. On the first day, He created
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Babylonians creation is separated from the Sumerians creation of the universe. Enuma Elish is a book in which we can read about the creation by Babylonians. This book start by describing the heaven and earth as already existing in this world, this is for the creation from Babylonians. According to the Enuma Elish, the world began with the salt waters and the fresh waters are not yet separated from it, and with the producing of marshlands but not yet having appeared. The Enuma Elish describes creation as birth, a male God in the form of fresh waters, they called it as Apsu, and the other God name as Tiamat in the form of salt waters, and Tiamat gave birth to a variety of Gods and to the earth and all things upon it. The God of light namely as Marduk, who can perform an unusual or wonderful such as miracles. Also according to the Enuma Elish the other Gods called out to Marduk. Marduk, as king among the Gods, he did what kings did on earth; he went forth and battled his enemies. And because of that Marduk as a king or a God of them, create a human in which for them to live in the earth in a

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