The Pros And Cons Of Human Nature

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We as a humans are the most complex species on Earth. We have feelings, knowledge, diversity between one another, and the ability to know and choose from good or bad. But man’s nature goes deeper than that. It is what we do and how we think every day that makes us special. Although Rousseau and Hobbes believes that people good or bad through their human nature ,actually our decisions make our nature because we are not born just good and just bad. “We all make choices, but in the end our choices make us.” (Ken Levine).
Through comparison between good versus evil the person stands in doubt or even undecided; many people will choose the good path others will choose the evil, but who is the person who makes judgments whether is it good or not ? We all have separate views from everyone else, in addition there is a huge difference in our opinions, like someone who stealing money, people should be arrested and put in jail. But what if that person had a dying family member and no more money to pay medical bills? Should that person be set free? Some might say yes, others will say no. Or suppose a person is convicted of murder and sentenced to death. Should that murderer die a slow, painful death, or does he deserve a quick injection to get it over with? Now, what if that murderer killed someone in an effort to save his own family. Does he even deserve to die, killing a person to save ones he loved? It is these decisions that separate us from one another. “The first sentiment of man
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