The Pros And Cons Of Human Trafficking

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Globalization processes involves special challenges for the penal system and the national state in general. A variety of instruments and techniques are put to work to manage and control people who do not belong on its territory. "Foreigner", "asylum seeker" and "third country national" has become the central management and control objects both for the Norwegian State and for the EU as a whole.
Since organized crime is more sophisticated than individual crime, it represents a far greater threat to society and social order. It concerns networkbased business that is hidden, and crimes are not being rapported to the police by victims because they are afraid. The main purpose of the activities will usually be financial gain, but it can also be political influence and power or terrorist activities funded through criminal activities.
Another particularly worrisome type of organized crime is called trafficking . Every year, several hundred thousand people, mainly women and minors, victims of trafficking, often in the form of organized criminal activity. Human trafficking involves serious violations of human rights and human dignity, and is often described as a modern form of slavery. Trafficking can involve the sale of people, both legal and illegal labor markets or private catering. Human trafficking is a rapidly growing problem that affects many countries, either as origin, transit or destination countries. Trafficking is an activity which is characterized by high profit and low
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