The Pros And Cons Of Humans In Mars

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Scientists now believe humans can live in Red Planet and we should move there someday. The Red Planet, also known as Mars, is the fourth planet from Sun in our solar system. It is a cold desert planet with flat lands and largest volcanoes such as Olympus Mons. Mars is under the thin and cold atmosphere which may be the evidence that liquid water cannot exist. However this mysterious planet gives a clue of the possibility of liquid water existence which is the valleys and channels in Mars. This planet has strong dust storms, seasons, and the average temperature is -60 degree Celsius. It has 2 moons, Phobos and Deimos that are rich in carbon and ice. Scientists predict that after 50 million years, Phobos can hit Mars or become its ring due to the movement getting closer to Mars every century.
Do you believe that humans can live in Mars with such environmental conditions? Humans can extinct like dinosaurs due to the crash of Phobos. Humans can freeze to death in -60 degree Celsius. Humans can die due to lack of oxygen and water. Can humans live Mars?
Now scientists argue that water can be found in Martian soil and Mars has lots of
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There are few factors that could lead this exploration to success or failure. The most influencing factor is the budget, if NASA continues to receive fewer supports, someday they might have to stop this exploration. The possibility of abolishment is not low since it once happened to Orion Spacecraft Constellation program in 2010, where President Barack Obama canceled this program due to increasing fund. While the increasing international partners could affect the exploration in positive ways, since NASA can build more capabilities and reduce the costs. And the other missions conducted by private companies such as Mars One and Inspiration Mars Mission could lead NASA to become more competitive as what happened during Apollo
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