The Pros And Cons Of Humans Vs. Robots

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Humans Vs. Robots To say that there is a definite side to these arguments would be naive. There are many arguments in support of both sides, but I believe that there are more advantages in human lead missions supplemented by robots rather than fully robotic missions. Recently there have been many advancements made in reducing the price of sending rockets into space. Particularly, Elon Musk who, through SpaceX, has significantly reduced the cost of sending rockets into space and he is continuing to make them more and more efficient and affordable.[1] This brings us to one of the main arguments against humans: the cost. There are many things to consider other than just the humans themselves, but also food, water and other resources and technology needed to keep a human alive in space--particularly during long term missions like Mars. But, I believe, with the increasingly reduced cost of sending rockets to space, the price difference may become negligible within the next decade. While is seems easier to just build a robot, shoot it into space and ask it to send you information, I find that it is difficult to predict the unexpected.a To build a robot that will do what we want it to do is not the problem, it is needing something that will be able to do what we did not originally design it to do. We have not yet perfected true AI (we are far off from even AGI which would still not have the instinct and ingenuity of a human)[2], so our best option at this point is affordable space

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