The Pros And Cons Of Hurricane Katrina

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On August 23, 2005, a tropical storm referred to as Katrina started over the Bahamas. By August 25, the tropical storm traveled westward toward Florida and gained enough strength to generate into a hurricane. Katrina weakened again and was referred to as a tropical storm. August 26, Katrina surfaced into the Gulf of Mexico and gained more strength, causing it to become a Category 5 Hurricane. As Katrina traveled to Louisiana and made landfall, it weakened again. It was on August 29, that Hurricane Katrina reared its head and landed in Louisiana as a Category 3 Hurricane, causing one of the most destructive and deadly disasters in the history of the United States. (Blake, Eric; Landsea, Christorpher W; Gibney, Ethan J; National Hurricane…show more content…
As you continue to read, you will learn that the State of Louisiana could have minimized some of the problems they faced if they understood the fundamentals of Defense Support of Civil Authorities (DSCA), and how to effectively use DSCA. As we are now aware, it was the end-state of the disregard by the government the resulted in more devastation to the State of…show more content…
The aftermath of Katrina left the city underneath water. Time Magazine reported that Hurricane Katrina caused over $211.2 worth of damage to the city. (Time Magazine. 2017. Hurricane Katrina left many of the residents of New Orleans homeless and without hope. Many of the residents were displaced and had nowhere to go, as low economic status played a definitely role in this matter. Many of these same residents have resided in New Orleans their entire life, and did not know anything outside of New Orleans. As a result of FEMA assisting with placement of the displaced residents of New Orleans, many people were sent to live in other parts of Louisiana and Texas. Others made their way to other parts of the country with hopes of one day returning home to Louisiana. Approximately 1,800 or more people died either in the storm, or as a direct effect of the storm. (Hurricanes: Science and Society.

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