The Pros And Cons Of Hybrid Cars

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With the development of technology, pollution stroke all over the world pushing engineers to outcome themselves and find a solution that pleases both the consumer and the environment thinking about the future of our planet. In 1900 the first gas-electric hybrid car came to life and was driven at the first National Automobile Show in New York City, United States and surprisingly this car model was favored as patrons’ first choice. Unlike it was known the model came to life in 1900 but the idea was born in the early 20th century for reasons that are different than those famous in the 21st century. Feeling cars were too noisy and smelly Jacob Lohner from Vienna created the first hybrid car in coalition with the Austrian engineer, Ferdinand Porsche…show more content…
Hybrid and electrical cars differ from one another. Hybrid cars are mainly gasoline-burning vehicles that utilizes their electric bites to collect and reuse the energy that usually goes as waste in standard cars. Hybrid cars produce energy through the battery which can reach an acceleration in speed. All hybrids have one thing in common which is the ability to generate the electric current, store it in a large battery and use the current to help drive the car. The hybrid cars capture the electrical energy produced by the regenerative breaking system and their engines can power a generator too. Additionally, the maximum speed and distance of the hybrid cars over which electric-only operation can be sustained varies mainly from zero to a handful of miles and is also related to the weight as well as the aerodynamics of the car, the strength of the motor-generator and more than anything else the capacity of the battery. This is to say that the bigger the capacity of the battery the more electric bites can be released thus the higher the speed of the…show more content…
Unlike normal cars, hybrids’ include a stop-start system that controls the car’s operation. This system has resulted in many benefits for the car’s lifespan. In hybrid cars, the engines’ traditional starting program is absent since the motor generator takes on this function. During traffic, consumers normally keep their foot on the brakes until the vehicles start moving; however, in hybrid cars, the hybrid-control software automatically shuts down the engine as it signals any traffic alert, and as the driver releases the breaks, the car automatically restarts with the electric motor. By inserting this program, the consumer isn’t only saving energy for the car, but is also saving the life the span of the brakes as they are consecutively and it is the most used part of the car especially during traffics, up-hills and down-hills. Therefore, what differs between the normal and a hybrid car is the fact that the brakes tend to last much longer because they don’t get to be used much. Additionally, driving a hybrid in a very decent and moderate manner, allows the consumer to never actually use the disk brakes on the wheels of the car and may be able to elongate the life of a car without even changing the
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