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To diagnosing SUSTAINABLE ENERGY SYSTEM and creating it is two of the most critical issues for any modern society. Now ideally the system of current energy which is based on the fossils fuels and have a negative impact on the environment and the have a limited supply is replaced by the system which is based on the renewable fuel. Hydrogen address the issue of sustainability, environmental emissions like releasing of greenhouse gases in our environment and energy security. Hydrogen is consider most suitable element to replace fossils fuels because it the only element which is found in the abundance in the universe and it burns clean without releasing any greenhouse effect and it is only producing water and has the highest density per unit mass. However, as like FOSSILS FUELS hydrogen is not a primary source of energy , it is an energy carrier. It can store and transport energy from any energy source. Hydrogen is not freely available in universe and it can be produced from water and other compounds. If hydrogen is producing from water, the energy which is required to produce it costs more than one can easily recover it from burning it.…show more content…
Throughout this time a multiplicity of process has been explored, while, none of these have accomplished the necessary performance stage so far. present methods for hydrogen storage can be largely divided into: - mechanical storage: storage in a tank of compacted gas or liquid hydrogen; - physisorbtion : storage in a solid material by physisorbtion; comprise: - graphene and other carbon formation - metals and metallic nanocrystals and

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