The Pros And Cons Of ISIS

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The terror group ISIS has for the last years made big problems for the western countries. Their beliefs and “way of life” is reversed from the western mainstream, and this has resulted in a dangerously hot tension between the east and the west. What the best solution is to this problem we don’t know, but there are a lot of different opinions on how we should approach this problem. From the packet we received I agree with article nr. two of Andrew J. Bacevich. America has been a nation with a lot of power and has the capability to make a lot of big decisions all across the world, but shouldn’t there exist a line that keeps the US getting involved in everything? I think so… America has always had big enemies and today ISIS is the biggest enemy.…show more content…
(As quoted by Andrew Bacevich: When considering the use of force, the imperative is not simply to “do something”, but to do something that is effective, that advances core political interests at an affordable cost.)It would be stupid if Obama decides to use millions of dollars in a war against someone that we can use way cheaper methods to defeat. The majority of US citizens want the government to send in thousands upon thousands of soldiers to the middle east, without having any idea how much it costs to complete this task. The majority just want ISIS to dissolved without thinking nothing of what is actually needed to implement this task. If you look at the situation from a world perspective, you can also see that ISIS doesn’t really make a threat at all towards the US. To make it easier to visualize we can use two brothers in comparison. The older brother(USA) is stronger and therefore will always get his choices met. Then you have the little brother(ISIS) who is mad and “jealous” of the older brother, so the little brother seeks revenge. This leads again America to strike again and this continues in an infinite
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