ISIS Terrorism Essay

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“Everyone’s worried about stopping terrorism. Well, there’s really an easy way: Stop participating in it.” This quote written by Noam Chomsky states clearly how the world concerns about the ISIS terrorism. Look at what ISIS is doing recently and what has been done by these terrorists. Their terrorist attacks damaged cultures, killed millions of innocent life, and nearly destroyed the humanity among humans. Only a heartless person would deny these facts. The question is, how ISIS funds their operations? Where they get the arms that they have been pointing towards us? The debates on the contribution of business to terrorism have been continuing for decades. I have total agreement on that business contributes ISIS, as this can be proved regarding…show more content…
Terrorists are cartoon villains. They buy the weapons, and they are using it on others. Although some people claim that ISIS doesn't purchase the firearms and vehicles directly from these businesses, the existence of these weapons and vehicles in the markets did help ISIS to arm its soldiers. First of all, weapons and ammunitions used in ISIS’s operations show the contribution of arms business to ISIS. An example of this is Isis took possession of large amounts of kit - including tanks, rocket launchers, and howitzers from places such Saudi Arabia, Iraq, Syria and Eastern Europe. Other than that, Conflict Armament Research showed the diversity of ISIS’s arsenal, as ammunition found was manufactured in China, Russia, the U.S., Sudan, and Iran. ISIS owns vehicles made in other countries. In the second place, ISIS holds vehicles made in other nations. For instance, more than 800 trucks had been reported missing in Sydney between 2014 and 2015 and quoted terror experts speculating that they have been exported to ISIS territory. Another example would be the Public Radio International noted that the U.S. State Department delivered 43 Toyota trucks to Syrian rebels and these vehicles in ISIS’s possession have been re-branded with the seal of the “caliphate.” By the reliability of these organizations, we can learn that most of the arms and vehicles that ISIS owns were from the following business industry around the world. In short, the arms and transportation industries did contribute to ISIS by these
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