The Pros And Cons Of Identity Theft

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Identity theft and credit card theft are big crimes and happen a lot these days. In this article there will be many ways to make sure identity theft won’t be token. Some things that will help you prevent identity theft is using strong passwords, don’t give your social security number to people if it’s not needed, and check your money you spent on your credit card often. What is identity theft? Identity theft is when your social security number, name, address, birthday, and other personal information is hacked into or stolen by a criminal. When they steal your identity it is easier for them to work with the bank, mange your finances, withdraw money from your bank account, apply for credit cards, and loans. When a criminal steals your identity they can foal the bank and other organizations to access your personal account. When they can access different organizations with your information they can change your Email, building address, and login information so you can’t access it. They can then make you in lots of debt without you even noticing. How many people have their identity stolen a year? About forty one million American’s have their identity stolen a year. This is more than the state California’s population. The state California’s population is 39.25 million people. When you subtract these two number you get about two million left over. The state Nebraska is about 1.907 million people in population witch is pretty close to two million. So two USA state populations

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