The Pros And Cons Of Immigrants In America

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There are currently 840,000 immigrant students in the United States (Educational). That is 840,000 children that had to come to America to have a better life. They came to get a better education and eventually have a family and have a better job than the people that are staying in their country. Some of the adults even come to America for better jobs to support their families. Immigrants have a better life in America.
Immigrants have better vocational opportunities in America. 70% of children sixteen and older are in the workforce in America (Migration Policy). In Mexico they more than likely would not be able to find these jobs, or they would have to give the money they made to their parents for food, gas, and sometimes for the parents to
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Well I see where you’re coming from but, maybe the pay in their country isn’t as well as it is in ours. It’s expensive to raise a family low pay is even harder. They shouldn’t be making fifty dollars a hour, but $7.50 is a little low to raise a family on. Somebody has to pay the bills, buy groceries, pay for gas, buy clothes, and all the countless other expenses that a family requires. When they get into the United States and get a job, they work harder, they will work overtime for more hours of work and more pay on their paycheck. They do not just come and do nothing. They obviously immigrated for a reason which is to have a better life and find a better paying job, so why would they just sit around and not do what they came to do? They are also safer in the United States. The crime rate in Mexico is 81% (cox). The drug crime rate is 71% (cox). I would not feel safe enough to raise a family or my kids in a country where the crime rate is that high. That’s scary. I would rather raise a family where I feel safe at night and walking down the street with my children. Some say that Immigration is rewarding bad behavior. I see where you are coming from but, it’s different if they were moving here to smuggle drugs, and some are. But, some are indeed moving here to have a better life and further their education, maybe receive an education they would not be able to get in their country. America should take it as a compliment that people want to move to our country to better themselves. If they were moving away because our country was so terrible then that would be bad. But they are coming here for a good reason and it means that our country has nice things and treats us

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