The Challenges Of Immigrants

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Immigration has always played a part in American history; however, today immigrants are faced with new problems. The new problems that they are facing include deportation and detention. Increasing detentions and deportations will cost taxpayers billions of dollars. These new threats are disturbing to those who have established families, homes, employment, and continued education in the United States. Immigration has long supported the growth and dynamism of the U.S. economy (Team & Nicholson, 2017). Immigrants create jobs, they are taxpayers and consumers, and they add trillions of dollars to the U.S. gross domestic product (Team & Nicholson, 2017). Immigrants have always tried to take refuge in the United State of America, but with the new…show more content…
Over the last 20 years, immigrants have founded, or help to found, 25 percent (88 out of 356) public U.S. companies, like Google, eBay, Yahoo!, and Sun Microsystems. These immigrants make substantial contributions to both low-skilled and high-skilled sectors (Cooper, Costa, & Shierholz, 2014). Immigrants are part of the U.S. population, culture, and businesses they have strived to become a part of this country. Time has long proven that some people will not accept others who are different whether it be because of race, gender, ethnicity, or dress. Some people are intimidated by change. Immigrants still hold on to their ways and values from their culture and heritage even though they are now citizens of the U.S. The word diversity can have a lot of different…show more content…
Diversity can create curiosity. All cultures have their own unique way of living. Sadly, diversity is looked at as something that should be feared and not embraced (UNSECO, n.d.). Some cultures only have contact with their own family or race, even religion. There are those who feel that diversity is not a necessary thing, and do not want their children exposed to different ways of life (UNSECO, n.d.). This can be a hindrance to a child or an adult. Many people that have not been exposed to different cultures at some point will rely only how they think the world operates and what to expect from it (UNSECO, n.d.). Diversity is not always just what background you come from, but it is any unique difference between human beings. We can learn from people who have different beliefs and perspectives on things (UNSECO,
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