The Pros And Cons Of Immigration In America

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Immigration is defined as “the action of coming to live permanently in a foreign country” (according to the Oxford dictionary). The topic of immigration exists since a long time and still exists nowadays. In fact, immigration in the United States began very early with the settlers in 1660 and approximately during the XIXth century in Europe. Today, immigration is a predominant theme of discussion in many countries for several reasons. Also, this subject is quite complicated for many people, because it often divides the population in several parts. There are the cases of people who have their reasons to leave their countries for professional, economics, political reasons and so forth, but also those which are against emigrants for many causes…show more content…
In fact, generally even in politic there are two sides, those which are in favor of immigration for several reasons; and the second side who denounce immigrants who try to take advantage of the economic system. Furthermore, politicians have to consider illegal immigration which still stays a problem in many countries such as USA or France. Today, manage immigration in a country is a complicate action to do. For instance, B. Obama’s speech on immigration (on November, 2014), where he tried to legalize people who have a child or parent leaving in the USA, was very contentious because republicans were totally disagree. Nevertheless, they were agreed to admit that their immigration system were outdated. At this point, society can consider that time and immigration is linked. The second issue with immigration is segregation and discrimination. Indeed, since a long time politicians tried to avoid segregation in their countries but that still persist and often create forms of discrimination. Nonetheless, today many people with different origin composed society, and that provided a cultural
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