The Pros And Cons Of Imperialism

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Imperialism is a doctrine, conduct, tendency or system of those regimes that wish to expand their dominance to another or other territories through force (both military and political or economic). An imperialist state, therefore, wishes to impose itself on others. countries and exercise their control. These are nations that have great strength and do not hesitate to use it, either directly or indirectly, on the weakest. Imperialism emerged as a development and direct continuation of the fundamental characteristics of capitalism in general. But capitalism only became capitalist imperialism when its development reached a very high degree, when some of the fundamental features of capitalism began to become their opposite, when they took shape and revealed the characteristics of the transition period of capitalism to a higher economic and social system. From an economic perspective, the essence of this process is the substitution of free capitalist competition for the capitalist monopoly. Free competition is the fundamental feature of capitalism and of commodity production in general; Monopoly is exactly the opposite of free competition.
Imperialism contains five basic features: the concentration of production and capital has reached such a high point of development, which has created monopolies, decisive in economic life; the merger of banking capital with industrial capital and the formation, on the basis of this "financial capital", of the financial oligarchy; the export of

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