American Imperialism In Africa Dbq Analysis

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Document C This document represents the many discoveries and inventions that helped Europeans take over Africa. The most important invention on this document is the discovery of quinine from cinchona tree bark. This is because, as the document says, this was used as a treatment for the disease malaria, which prevented much of the population from developing this deadly disease. Also, the document states that this discovery was made in 1820, near the beginning and middle of the war, and this therefore increased their man-power in the war effort, giving them an advantage that allowed them to colonize Africa. At least two patterns I see or two things that I notice are that two of the inventions are guns, which means that in this time, guns were…show more content…
This is especially shown through the invention of the steam engine near the beginning of the war for Africa. The steam engine allowed for a “more constant and forceful source of power” for use in boats and trains, which showed that the Europeans were focused on developing ways to travel more efficiently across land, which requires land to travel through in the first place. In addition, the Europeans also developed the electric telegraph to communicate over long distances which once again exhibits Europe’s determination for acquiring more land and being able to travel and communicate across…show more content…
I think this is because the colonization of Africa is between 1870 and 1900, so by 1900, Africa had been colonized. Another thing that I notice is that both the amounts of imports and outports drastically spiked, and again, I think this is because of the colonization of Africa. According to this document, a driving force behind European imperialism in Africa is the economical benefit that came from Africa’s many natural resources. For example, the bar graph shows an extreme increase in the amount of money exchanged throughout the imports and exports, and their is a large difference between 1854, before colonization, and 1900, near the middle of the colonization period. The fact that the exports from Africa increased and became greater than the imports during the colonization period shows how Europe was using Africa as a source of income and took advantage of the resources within Africa. Document

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